Tour à tour, entre le 17 et le 25 mai dernier, les adhérents des 7 coopératives d’Eurial ont validé la fusion de leurs coopératives dans Agrial. Et les adhérents d’Agrial ont eux-mêmes entériné ce choix ce 27 mai. Un moment historique pour les 4 500 producteurs d’Eurial !

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Cow cheese

Each year, Eurial produces almost 40,000 tons of mozzarella, which is marketed worldwide.

The goat cheese

Goat cheese

Soignon – the Eurial Group’s goat cheese brand - is No.1 in France.


The only ingredient needed to make cheese is milk (from cows or goats), rennet and salt. All the rest is down to the expertise of the cheese makers.

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Our missions

To ensure a long term future for our members and employees!

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Our brands



"France's favourite goat cheese brand"

Grand Fermage

Grand Fermage, three gourmet butters (sea salt, organic and PDO Charentes-Poitou) as well as creams.

Bio nat '

Bio nat': simple, tasty organic (organically farmed) dairy products! 


Merci Chef

Merci Chef: a selection of dairy products dedicated to export.



The mozzarella specialist for hot applications and cheese for pizza, No. 1 in food service.

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Getting to know us

"Proud of our milk" leaflet and 2012 Annual Report 

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