Commercializing at international level

 Eurial achieves 35% of its turnover at international level ; we find his goat and mozzarella in many countries on all continents.

Goat cheese and mozzarella - two strong drivers of export

The group’s export activity has grown by 25% in three years, powered by sales of pizza cheese (50% of export turnover) goat cheese (40%) and soft cheeses.
For export, Eurial has tailored products to suit the tastes of local consumers. These are commercialized under the Merci Chef brand.



A range of cheeses available in different formats suitable for eating from a board, in a sandwich, in cooking or for preparation in tapas form

The food service (catering) industry brings together pizzeria chains, wholesalers, frozen food industrials and bakeries. In mozzarella, the Maestrella brand is dedicated to these professionals.

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