The Butter

Grand Fermage, the brand of gourmet butters

Grand Fermage offers three 100% natural, gourmet butters, made in the Vendée department:

  • The butter with Noirmoutier sea salt crystals confirms its leading position. This butter contains large crystals of hand-harvested sea salt; this is how the sauniers on Noirmoutier (85) keep alive a tradition that is thousands of years old.


  • Charentes-Poitou PDO butter : also a leader, is manufactured with full respect for tradition, using crème fraîche that is organically ripened for 15 hours. This ripening gives the butter its distinctively nutty taste.


  • Organic butter : unsalted and slightly salted.

A range dedicated to professionals

Eurial offers specific formats for food industrials (diced butter, including PDO Charentes Poitou), bakers (packets of Charentes-Poitou butter) or restaurateurs (‘Conviettes’ butter bars).


20g Conviettes: a generous portion of PDO Charentes-Poitou butter.