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A wide range of protein from milk or whey

Specialist for more than 20 years of milk fractionation, Eurial offers a wide range of functional and nutritional ingredients for large applications to its customers in food industries or nutrition.

  • Rennet casein for the manufacture of processed cheese and specialty foods
  • Whey in bakery
  • Milk proteins for yoghurts, milk-based desserts and fresh curd cheese

Whey proteins are a concentrate of proteins without fat especially intersting for specialist in nutrition (sport, senior…)

These high added value products are very much in demand on the world market, especially in Asia.

Our brands

a wide range of milk or whey ingredients to fit the need of food industries



a wide range of  caseins and solutions ready to use dedicated to processed cheeses and analogues

Proteines and dairy preparations for all your fresh dairy products (yoghurts and Desserts)


High nutritional value dairy ingredients for food industries and specialized nutrition (sport, senior, …). 


The R&D team specializes in dry ingredients, and is based at the INRA* platform for research on dairy technologies, in Rennes. In this way, the team takes advantage of the INRA platform’s infrastructures and analytical techniques to develop and formulate specific functional dairy ingredients. 


R&D customizes ingredients featuring special characteristics.

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