Offering support and guidance

Each Eurial cooperative provides its farmer members with a team of specialized technicians

Everyday support and guidance

Every day, almost 100 technicians criss-cross the 15 departments of Western France to visit, advise and support dairy farmers.
Their fields of competence are multiple:

  • Hygiene and milk quality
  • Technical-economic advice
  • Milking machine, storage and cooling of milk on the farm
  • Regulations
  • Installation of equipment and advice on buildings
  • Procurement of agro-supplies
  • Environmental and energy diagnosis
  • Leadership and communication 

The technicians - experts in dairy farming

  • Benjamin Paquereau, a technician at Poitouraine, offered guidance and support to two associated farmers in the design and construction of their new milking parlour.

"Firstly, we thought about the best milking system for the farm. Meetings with the Technical Department and a training day allowed the farmers to decide on a milking parlour with a rotary. I then helped them put together their subsidy application and conduct an energy diagnosis for the farm. The improvements made allow savings of 20,000 kWh of electricity."


Pascal Guillon has benefited from the advice of technician Benjamin Paquereau on a daily basis


A day for finding out and exchanging ideas

François Bréscia, Technical Advisor at Poitouraine: "Every year, we bring farmers together at technical days: in the morning, we visit a farm linked to the day’s theme. Following a friendly lunch, we provide an overview of current market and economic conditions." Farmers enjoy attending these events, and more than 50% of them do so.

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