Producing the milk

High-quality milk


    • 4 647
    • member producers
    • 2,18
    • 44/5000 billion liters of cow's milk in 2017
    • 142,7
    • millions of liters of goat's milk in 2017

Quality and Traceability: the farmers are committed

Tests conducted at independent interprofessional laboratories ensures the safety and quality of the milk.

Traceability is controlled by strict monitoring of the collection points.


Milk collection at the farm

Best practice: one step ahead


More than 90% of our farms are involved in the actions suggested by the dairy profession, for cow milk (Charter for Good Agricultural Practices - Charte des Bonnes Pratiques d'Elevage) as for goat milk (Shared Charter for Best Practice in Goat Rearing - Code Mutuel de Bonnes Pratiques en Élevage Caprin). Through this, they are committed to transparency, traceability and safety: animal identification, health monitoring for the herd, feed, reproduction, animal well-being, environment, etc.

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