Regional Presence

The cooperative is present in 24 departments

Milk collection: smooth sailing!

With 24 production sites, Eurial is present in several French regions

In 2017, the Eurial group collected 2.4 billion liters of milk: 143 million liters of goat's milk and 2.38 billion liters of cow's milk (including 62.5 million liters of organic cow's milk) .

320 experienced milk tanker drivers take turns to collect the milk from the farms

How many kilometres do Eurial’s milk tanker drivers cover every day? 6.6 million kilometres per year – which is 18,000 per day, to collect the milk from the farms and supply the various factories.

The cooperatives – close to their members

The cooperative has set up an organization in basins (geography) and trades (conventional cow's milk, organic cow's milk and goat's milk) in order to strengthen proximity relations with members.


Geographic proximity


7 "Cow" basins with 3828 adhérents


Bassin Manche (50)

Bassin Bocage Virois - Ornais (14 - 61 - 27)

Bassin Ille & Vilaine Ouest (35 -22 - 29)

Bassin Ille & Vilaine Est - Mayenne (35 - 53)

Bassin Vendée - Maine (17 - 49 -85)

Bassin Mobihan - Loire (56 - 44)

Bassin Poitou - Centre (36 - 37 - 79 - 86 - 87 - 38 - 69)

1 basin "Bio" with 223 adhérents


4 basins "goat" with 596 adhérents :

Bassin Bretagne - Pays de la Loire (35 - 53 - 56 - 44 - 49 - 72)

Bassin Vendée (17 - 85)

Bassin Poitou - Centre (36 - 37 - 79 - 86 - 87)

Bassin Rhône-Alpes



a proximity of service

Each cooperative offers its members everyday support in the form of technical advice and services. Every day, almost 100 technicians visit farmers to advise them on choosing new equipment, on improving production methods, optimizing quality, cold storage on the farm, herd feed rations, procurement, etc.

goat's milk, a video Soignon

François Brasseur, farm technician: "My job is to respond to farmers’ questions, and meet their expectations, as quickly as possible."

Pascal and Jean-Marie Guillon, who produce cow milk in the Vienne department, have built a new milking parlour

"Benjamin Paquereau, a technician at Poitouraine, helped us to choose the most appropriate equipment. He also advised us in applying for subsidies. The cooperative provided us with the equipment, in partnership with a supplier" explains Pascal Guillon.

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Plants at the heart of the region


24 industrial sites process milk collected daily in 20 departments in the greater west and in Rhône-Alpes. All our sites are certified for each of their activities.

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Three plants are located abroad: in Belgium, Spain and the United States.

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